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SoundCloud Music Plays Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a selection of the frequently asked quesions we get regarding our soundcloud music promotions.

  1. How quickly will my song plays be delivered?
    The delivery time indicators are listed on the relevant packages pages, sometimes we can provide our promotions quicker than those times, other times it takes slightly longer, we always endeavour to provide the best service we can and will email you once your promotion campaign has been completed.
  2. Do you offer a free trial of your service?
    Yes we do, you can request a 100 plays free promotion trial here, limited to one per artist.
  3. Will my followers and likes go up?
    Very unlikely as we present your songs via our widget, so the person playing them is not logged into the SoundCloud website and is not seeing the song via your songs page at soundcloud.
  4. How much information do you need from me about my song?
    All we need from you is the URL (web address) of your individual songs page on soundcloud, we will gather the information we need from there (we check this is correct prior to accepting your order, so if you have got to the PayPal stage we have all the information we require.
  5. Do you need my soundcloud login?
    No we do not require any login details, nor do you have to register to use our services.
  6. Do you accept songs in all genres?
    We sure do, variety is the spice of life and we love to listen to all genres of music here! We will accept orders for any genre of song accepted onto the soundcloud website.
  7. What happens if you cant get me the required plays?
    If we cannot deliver your ordered package in a reasonable timeframe (we will work our hardest to achieve it), we will issue you a 100% refund guaranteed, we havent failed yet to deliver a promotion for a users song yet!
  8. Can I do a regular order for my song promotion?
    You can indeed, if you are going to do a regular order, we would recommend using the smaller promotion packages, rather than the large ones as they are easier for us to ensure we fulfil them each time you order. You can place orders whenever you want the promotions to start.
  9. How do you know when you have completed my order?
    Our promotion technique uses a custom tracking system so we can count each song play for your order, we always over deliver on each order ensuring we have met your requirements every time.
  10. Are you affiliated with soundcloud?
    No we do not have any affiliation with soundcloud, we are just music lovers and love visiting there to listen to new tunes.
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