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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog, we hope to provide you with regular service updates, respond to your questions and also provide some light hearted entertainment!

We hope you enjoy reading through our soundcloud music plays blog entries.

Breaking into the Asian marketplace for SoundCloud music plays

25-06-2016 09:49:32

Today saw the start of our break through into the Asian continent with artists looking to buy SoundCloud plays. We picked up 3 new artists who we will now be helping to promote their SoundCloud tracks. This may not seem like a major announcement to some, but for us its another continent we can add […]

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Looking to buy soundcloud plays?

24-06-2016 09:18:42

Are you looking to buy soundcloud plays? Buying soundcloud plays is a great way to give your soundcloud tracks a boost, get them started, help push more visitors to them and get your music the exposure it deserves. If you buy soundcloud plays from us you are using a service thats been in operation for […]

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How easy is it to order your soundcloud music plays promotion

23-06-2016 07:45:58

I thought I would share with you a question we get asked often and seems to put some people off ordering the promotion of their SoundCloud songs when they have decided to buy SoundCloud plays. The ordering process is really simple, you just need to do 3 things (most people its only two!). Firstly select […]

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More successful SoundCloud Play campaigns

22-06-2016 06:36:44

As we reach mid July is been another successful month for our SoundCloud Play promotions. Half of the 200 free SoundCloud plays trial promotion have been taken (grab yours now if you want in on the trial!) Lots of the free triallers hae gone on to buy SoundCloud plays from us which is great and […]

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Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays For My Music?

20-06-2016 23:53:01

If you are serious about promoting your music this question is probably familiar: Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays? It’s a question we are often asked by artists looking for advise, which we are happy to help with. We feel its a question of how quickly you want to get your music listened to by people […]

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